flexible, efficient and professional home care services providing care in your own home environment.

The right care right at home

At Kirby Care our services are designed for the service user who is physically frail or housebound or in need of specialist care due to an illness or injury and are undertaken by our team of highly trained and experienced staff.

We also assist the Reablement programme for clients transitioning from hospital back to their own home. 

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Caring for you is our passion

At Kirby Care we believe in a better care for better lives 

Want to stay in your own home but finding it difficult to cope with domestic responsibilities and your personal care needs?  We are here to help support you.  Let us take care of you in your own home

We provide a comprehensive service of care of the highest quality within your own home environment.

We provide home care services, specialist services and reablement services to both the private and public sectors, and your needs for care and support are identified through an individual personalised assessment.

Contact us today on 071 9326069 / 0860574040 to start availing of our professional and friendly home care services. 

About Kirby Care

Kirby Care Ltd is a family run Domiciliary Care Agency which provides support to individuals in their own homes. We are an independently Irish owned care agency providing care to our service users in their own home environment on a one-to-one basis.

 Our service users are those who, because of increasing age or disability, find it difficult to cope with domestic responsibilities and their own personal care needs.

We provide our service users with a comprehensive service of care of the highest quality within their own home environment.                                 

Home care & support

We provide quality individual care to each of our service users in their own home environment. 

Our Services include:

  • Helping with personal tasks
  • Helping you to prepare meals
  • Helping with arranging your shopping needs, and if necessary do the shopping
  • Helping you with light household chores
  • Helping you with arranging social events in your life
  • Making sure you are aware of the need to take any medicines that may have been prescribed for you;
  • Helping you to look after your pets.
  • Companionship care 
  • Reablement services
  • Specialist services due to an illness or injury
  • Additional services if required and agreed in advance can be provided.

Our Care Team

We have an excellent team of highly skilled professional care staff to look after you. Each carer undergoes continuous training that ensures that we deliver the highest quality service to you. 

We recognise that your carer is somebody with whom you can form a special friendship, and for this reason we take great care in selecting a staff member with whom you feel completely comfortable. This is only done with your full consent, and you are free to ask for a change in carer at any time if you so desire it.

            CARE PLANS & RECORDS:

A Care Plan, or Service User Plan, is the key document for your care. We will have assessed areas of risk and identified your needs, and this is recorded on your Care Plan.  Care planning is continuously reviewed because people’s needs change, sometimes on a daily basis. 

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Offering you flexibility of care and promoting independent living is our ultimate goal.

At Kirby Care Home Care; the flexibility of our home care services enable you to live safely and comfortably in the place you know best – your home. 

Our ultimate goal is to promote independent living that suits you, and your personalised care plan will reflect your exact needs to ensure that your care is focused entirely around you, with as little or as much support as you need. CONTACT US today to start your care journey.


We value your views and opinions on the Care Services that we provide. 

We firmly believe that only by asking the users of our services, i.e. you - our service users, can we obtain the information that we need to enable us to continually improve our services. Part of our on-going commitment to quality is to ask you to complete a simple questionnaire about your views of the Service, and our staff can tell you more about this. However, we do welcome comments from you at anytime.